My time at wordpress has been fantastic, but the time has come for me to move again. Most of you wouldn’t know, but my first blog was on LiveJournal, a pitiful excuse for a blog it was so I moved here. But the Dreamwidth service has caught my attention this time, it has drawn me in. Many of you maybe thinking, this is a LiveJournal based service, you don’t like LiveJournal! Yes it is a LJ based service, but has much better customization options there, like having your own banner. After seeing Aikea-Guinea at Club Crymson giving out DW codes something told me to get one, and I did.

I have edited this post, it is now 3/1/2011, and I have to say, I’m glad I moved to Dreamwidth. I’m not saying I don’t like wordpress, in fact I still host my story blog here, it’s just that for a sim based journal I think Dreamwidth is more tailored to what I want, being able to join communities and such. I still won’t be closing this site as it will act as an archive for my old uploads. I hope you still visit my blog, and check out my story blog too.

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More Vintage Travel Posters

I’m being pretty good these past two days, first I upload a Sim, now I upload a new set of paintings! So remember a while ago when I made some Vintage Travel Posters at Chatterbox forum (which has now unfortunately closed), since I just love all things vintage I decided to make a follow-up set!

More Vintage Travel Prints

There are 13 different image in one mesh. It is priced $100 in-game. All the image included:

More Vintage Travel Posters All

Credits: TSRW

Mesh: TS2 Conversion : BV Travel + FT Posters @ MTS by Tamo

And a special thanks to Martine who helped me figure out how to re-colour this certain Mesh. Which was in the stencils category. So thank Martine, you’re a star!


*Sims3pack and package format included

EDIT- Lily has reminded me that although chatterbox has closed, you can still get the posters at Sims 3 Musketeers!

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Living Sims Issue 19!

Yes it’s come to that time again, a shiny new issue of Living Sims is out! I’ve now worked on 4 issues (16, 17, 18 & 19 ) and this one is up to the normal fantastic standard! There is another Movie Set Madness article, a staff dorm article and a book-shop article that I wrote. And there are many, many more fab article for you to read! So check it out here!

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Juliet Budworth

Info   Preview

Juliet Budworth is a kinda girl who loves romantic dramas, books and most of all real life romance! She has recently moved to Bridgeport from her small town in hopes of finding the one, but will her shyness get in the way?




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Cold Within

As you might know, I re-installed the Sims 2 recently, so I have decided to start another blog for my story made with the Sims 2, it is called ‘Cold Inside’ so go check it out!

Cold Within

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New Sims 2 Update!

I have a new Sims 2 Download:

Sim-self 1 Sim-self 2

Read more and download here.

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Challenge me too Decorate 2.0 – The Kitchen

I was challenged by LemonJelly to make a kitchen inspired by this picture. When I saw it…the styles which I saw were nature, modern, clean lines, a lot of white and splash of 50’s/retro! So this is what I came up with:


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Disney Inspired Posters

I’m back again with a new set of posters! This time they are inspired by Disney. But most are inspired by ‘The Most Magical Place On Earth’…yep you guessed it, Disneyworld! All of them are posters of some sorts, the first two were promotional posters  for Wall-E and the rest are slightly retro/vintage design of posters advertising rides, areas in Disneyworld etc…enough rambling now 😉

Disney Inspired Posters

There are 13 images, and all in one mesh as normal =) Priced at $250 in-game. Template by macthekat. Please do not re-distribute or claim as own. Made by fashionista125 with TSRW

DOWNLOAD –Sims3pack and package format included

All the images used in the posters:


I hope you like them =)

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Keep Calm Gallery

Preview Shot

I know I haven’t uploaded any paintings in a while but I’m back with a new set ^_^ This time it’s some prints from the wonderful ‘Keep Calm Gallery’, they all have phrases on them and to be honest I just love prints like this! I’d totally love to have some in my home in RL! Anyway, there are 18 images all in one mesh, oh and they’re priced at $250 in-game. The mesh is by aikea_guinea @ GOS but it is not needed for the paintings too show up in-game. Made by fashionista125 with TSRW. Please do not re-distribute or claim as own.

DOWNLOAD –both sims3pack and packages files included!

I hope you like them ^_^

All the images included in the mesh:

Keep Calm Gallery Preview

TSR Workshop

Mesh- aikea-guinea @ GOS

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The Truth About Dollies

I only recently discovered that the writer of my all time favourite Sims 2 story, Electric Daisies, has been writing for the Sims 3 in a new story called ‘The Truth About Dollies’. So of course I read them all and was amazed by it…all the drama, excitement and romance as Electric Daisies, but doubled ready for the Sims 3! Recommend visiting it, also reading it all. Mr. Pheobe (the writer) has also asked me a special request…but that’s under wraps for now 😉 So go on over and read it…I’m sure you’ll love it, I know I did!

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