Summer and Pay Sites

Well guys…Summer is finally here. The Sims community is reflecting this with more summer/spring style clothes and objects. Also in real life the sun is out and many people will not have as much time for the Sims again. Back to the Sims, spice their gardens with barbecue areas and plants, and maybe even spice there wardrobe. So have a great summer everyone, and I may even put up some summer themed Houses and Sims…

Also another thing which has been on my mind are pay sites, TSR (the sims resourse) mainly. What to you think of them? Post a comment and tell me why you do/don’t like pay-sites!



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6 Responses to Summer and Pay Sites

  1. Naomi says:

    I don’t like paysites, especially not TSR. I’ve paid for their items in the past, and got numerous viruses for the trouble. I just don’t bother with them either.
    Pay sites ruin the sense of community for me too. I like to think it’s about people showcasing their creativity with objects, sims and lots, and allowing others to share that. But it seems even custom content has to be a business these days, even though its made with free software..

  2. I’m am gratified that there is another simmer out there who agree’s with me. I hate paysite, and I compleatley agree with you. We should be able to download things for free! Thank-you for commenting! 🙂

  3. sebausten says:

    I agree with you both, whatever we put on the web should be free, to me it’s part of what the internet stands for: a community of people sharing stuff. Making money out of CC seems pathetic to me, especially coming from a fansite…
    Yet, I tend to think that CC creating is hard work and maintaining a site is costly…. However there is the solution of applying to the goodwill of people, like they do at Around the Sims.

    BTW Fashionista, I hope you’re having fun with Ambitions 😉

  4. My god I so agree with you sebausten! ATS3 only asks for donations out of goodwill, rather than making you donate to get objects! Thanks for visting my mini site, and I am very much having fun with ambitions! btw call me Portia! 🙂

  5. I don’t like pay sites because most of the time I just want one thing but I have to pay for like a whole month, and that’s a waste of money. Also, I find that whenever I come across pay sites, I get frustrated.

    Creating custom content is difficult, but I personally think money isn’t what you should be getting back. I’m thankful though, for the majority of non-pay sites. Like Sebausten said, it is a bit pathetic. Mod the Sims is HUGE, and everything is free. They ask out of donations for the goodwill, as said. And I would much rather contribute to keeping my fav site up than paying for a piece of well crafted clutter that I might regret downloading.

    Great blog Portia!

  6. Thanks Activesimmers! 🙂

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