From a teen’s point of view…

Once again Living Sims have launched many more fabulous challenges. But I would like to mention one in particular, From a teen’s point of view . Why? Because it features some Sims that I made! These are;
Charlotte Morris
Charlotte got commitment issues. She is evil and a hot head but she is also a musically gifted. Her favourite colour is also black. She loves sushi and is really into indie music.
Violet Harrison
Violet is super artistic and got a photographer’s eye. She is nerotic and overly emotional. Her favourite colour is purple. She enjoy classical music and fancy pancakes.
Kai & Mary Roberts (twins)
Mary is Athletic. She loves the outdoors and has quite a bit of a green thumb. Oh and did I say that she is a daredevil – Mary get down from that tree! Mary really likes blue. She will do just about anything for a fallafel on after a workout and she just loves Chinese music. Kai loves the outdoors. But also a couch potato and a slob. Kai is a hopeless romantic. He just finished watching yet another romantic drama. His favourite food is burgers! Red is his favourite colour and he loves electronic music.

Credit to macthekat for writing the witty descriptions!

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