LemonJelly’s house

I made this house for a friend of mine from Living Sims, LemonJelly. She asked me for a colonial house for her Twinbrook, well here it is. I hope LemonJelly and everyone else likes it!;

First floor overview:

Second floor overview:

3 bed
3 bath
1 kitchen/diner
1 living space

CC list:

Colonial Window Version 2s – here (free)

Belhooven Maroo Single Door- here (pay)

If you don’t have these items they will be re-placed by ea objects.

Download here
(Sorry about dodgy thumbnail, no idea why)

Please do not re-upload or claim as own.

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5 Responses to LemonJelly’s house

  1. Kyle says:

    Hey Fashionista! its Kyle4Sims3 from livingsims, love that house! nice job!!

  2. LemonJelly says:

    Fashionista this house is just what I wanted! Great layout and it’s also so pretty, good curb appeal. I am already imagining the furniture, hours of fun lies ahead of me. Thanks Fashionista, you did a great job!

  3. Lilymayrose says:

    It’s a lovely house, Portia – I’m sure LJ will love it xx

  4. Thanks girls! I am actually quite proud of it, and will probably play and decorate that house. It is saved to the bin so it can go anywhere! 🙂

  5. Amanda says:

    It’s Fab Portia! You did an excellent job! 🙂

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