Keep Calm Posters (fixed)

OK, so I have received news that unfortunately my posters were bugged, because they showed in everyone else’s as black but normal in mine. So here I am again with a new version of them with a new mesh. And I have had a few friends test them to know whether they work or not, which they do.
(credit to Amanda for the pic)
Base game friendly. They are priced $50 in-game. Please do not re-distribute or claim as own. Made by fashionista125 with TSR workshop.
DOWNLOAD HERE (sims3pack and package formats included)

About fashionista125

I'm me; that's all you need to know
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2 Responses to Keep Calm Posters (fixed)

  1. LemonJelly says:

    Wooo I cannot wait to pop these in my game. Well done Fashionista.

  2. Amanda says:

    I love it lil Sis! Thanks! 😉

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