Charlotte Morris

Over at LS forum there is a challenge called From ‘A Teen’s Point Of View‘ in which I have already done one entry for the twins, and I have decided to do 2 more takes on it. My second try is for Charlotte Morris, so here is her bio which I made up and her attic room:

Coming from an abusive home, at 13 Charlotte ran away from home and for 6 months was living rough on the streets of Sim City. That is until Michella Hampton found her one rainy night and brought her home. That was 3 years ago, now she lives with the Hamptons and has a younger step brother called James, who she torments. You see she has an evil streak and even though she loves Michelle she rebels. Her grades at school slumped and she turned to smoking, but through out all of this she has her escape, music. So in her attic room where she spends most of her time she listens or plays music or reads her favourite saga, the twilight saga. This is her room:

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(If you want to see my entry at LS you can see it here. )
Doing goth is a new thing for me, and even though I didn’t used to like it, I have grown to love it. I also made some Gothic and Indie posters which you can spot on the walls behind the dresser and near the bed. I will be uploading these at a later date. I made all except the twilight one which credit goes to Rubika.

On the subject of Twilight I need to make a confession. I am an admitted Twi-hard, Robsessed, Team Edward teenage girl. Most people I know, do know this and they do think I am a tad obsessed, but that is me. I do love it, and I have a soul sister who feels the same way, that is Rubika. So I hope you know me a bit more know, and I hope you liked Charlotte’s room. And on that bombshell, I’m leaving you know.

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4 Responses to Charlotte Morris

  1. Rubika says:

    Fashionista, I love you, girl! sorry I didn’t comment earlier, but my laptop went mad ;/ yes, we are Twilight and Robsessed!! and we proud of it! 😀

  2. kiare says:

    wow thats one skinny sim portia. feed the girl some porkchops. I like her room though! and I see she has great taste in magazines 😉

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