Bright Graphic Posters/Art

Well, today was my first day back and it was surprisingly OK! So these are some paintings I meant to upload last night, but I was busy getting some last minute simming done 😀

There are 5 paintings included in the Mesh, it is priced $200 in-game. I hope you all enjoy them! Please do not re-distribute or claim as own. Made by fashionista125 with TSRW.

DOWNLOAD HERE – package and sims3pack included

TSR Workshop

Mesh- aikea-guinea @ GOS


About fashionista125

I'm me; that's all you need to know
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4 Responses to Bright Graphic Posters/Art

  1. Rubika says:

    I love these! You’re getting better and better! :*

  2. Speechless says:

    Uuh i like these, nice work Portia!!!

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