Keep Calm and Carry On

Remember way back when I first posted those paintings from the keep calm gallery? Well since then, I love all the keep calm stuff :mrgreen: So today I have for you a set of them, but not with Keep Calm and carry on written on them, that’s too boring! I present to you a set of funny posters inspired by Keep Calm And Carry On. There are 16 images all in 1 mesh, and they are priced $50 in-game. Please do not re-distribute or claim as own.

DOWNLOAD HERE -package and sims3pack included

All the images included in the mesh:

I hope you like them :mrgreen:

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11 Responses to Keep Calm and Carry On

  1. Amanda says:

    IIII LLLOOVE them Portia! Especially the keep calm and love a nerd one LOL!

  2. LkeVelvet says:

    Thanks very much Portia dear (I just love saying that lol). These are just what I need for my frantic sims.

  3. Oh my, :blush: thanks big sis’ , I thought you’d like the nerd one 😉 My fave is the keep calm and carry rum. And Rebecca dear *it is fun to say :D* I’m glad you’ll find use for them, and I hope you both enjoy them in-game

  4. Rubika says:

    “Keep calm and expecto patronum”?! sweet jesus, I love you for that even more (is it even possible???)!!! THANK YOU! ❤ I will use them all the time! 😀

  5. Awww…thanks Paulina! And I love you too *expecto patronum*

  6. LemonJelly says:

    I cannot describe in words how much I adore “Keep Calm and Love a Nerd”. Wow!

  7. hehehe! I like that one too! 😉

  8. mrphoebe says:

    Ah i love them! I’ve always been a fan of the Keep Calm collection – i have loads of them in my room 😀 perfect for the Dollies if you ask me 😛 xx

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