Juliet Budworth

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Juliet Budworth is a kinda girl who loves romantic dramas, books and most of all real life romance! She has recently moved to Bridgeport from her small town in hopes of finding the one, but will her shyness get in the way?





Over Emotional



Hopeless Romantic

Easily Impressed


Golden Tongue, Golden Fingers


Music: Indie

Food: Fruit Parfait

Colour: White

CC Required:

Promo: Not Just A Ponytail (hair)*

Store: Catch A Wave (hair)*

Store: Lavender (top)*

Store: Stardust (dress)*

All about style: Grecian High Heel (shoes)

Store: Tennis Dress (dress)*

I use default replacements, so if you want her to look exactly the same, I recommend Peggy’s skin and Oh My Tiffany eyes.

Base game friendly!

*Note all store items listed can be found @ simfairytales. You have to register to see the store section.


file goes in Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 3 > SavedSims

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3 Responses to Juliet Budworth

  1. Seb says:

    I just hope this sim will be the first of many!! You are really good at making sims 🙂

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