My time at wordpress has been fantastic, but the time has come for me to move again. Most of you wouldn’t know, but my first blog was on LiveJournal, a pitiful excuse for a blog it was so I moved here. But the Dreamwidth service has caught my attention this time, it has drawn me in. Many of you maybe thinking, this is a LiveJournal based service, you don’t like LiveJournal! Yes it is a LJ based service, but has much better customization options there, like having your own banner. After seeing Aikea-Guinea at Club Crymson giving out DW codes something told me to get one, and I did.

I have edited this post, it is now 3/1/2011, and I have to say, I’m glad I moved to Dreamwidth. I’m not saying I don’t like wordpress, in fact I still host my story blog here, it’s just that for a sim based journal I think Dreamwidth is more tailored to what I want, being able to join communities and such. I still won’t be closing this site as it will act as an archive for my old uploads. I hope you still visit my blog, and check out my story blog too.

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