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More Vintage Travel Posters

Iā€™m being pretty good these past two days, first I upload a Sim, now I upload a new set of paintings! So remember a while ago when I made some Vintage Travel Posters at Chatterbox forum (which has now unfortunately … Continue reading

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Juliet Budworth

Juliet Budworth is a kinda girl who loves romantic dramas, books and most of all real life romance! She has recently moved to Bridgeport from her small town in hopes of finding the one, but will her shyness get in … Continue reading

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Hive Modular House

Challenge me too took Living Sims Forum by storm. They opened a challenge me too decorate 2.0 not too long ago, so now it’s time for a challenge me too build 2.0! SO I was challenged by mac to build … Continue reading

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Keep Calm and Carry On

Remember way back when I first posted those paintings from the keep calm gallery? Well since then, I love all the keep calm stuff So today I have for you a set of them, but not with Keep Calm and … Continue reading

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Bright Graphic Posters/Art

Well, today was my first day back and it was surprisingly OK! So these are some paintings I meant to upload last night, but I was busy getting some last minute simming done šŸ˜€ There are 5 paintings included in … Continue reading

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Summer Lovin’ Take 2!

So if you read back through my blog will find I made a post about Summer Lovin’ a contest at Chatterbox forum (in partnership with Sims 3 Musketeers) and I thought I’d do another painting for it. (You can find … Continue reading

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Teen Music Posters

While, I find making posters and paintings strangely relaxing now, and I think I will add it to my list of addictions šŸ˜‰ Well today I’ve got some Teen Music style posters for all your Sims. They are layerable and … Continue reading

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Nursery Prints

I made these for a Challenge at LS forum to make a day-care centre in a large basement and I originally wasn’t going to share these but after some compliments from a friend ,and some thinking on my part, I … Continue reading

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Keep Calm Posters (fixed)

OK, so I have received news that unfortunately my posters were bugged, because they showed in everyone else’s as black but normal in mine. So here I am again with a new version of them with a new mesh. And … Continue reading

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Hopper Nighthawks

Here I am again with another painting! Well, this one was requested by Amanda, a friend from Living Sims, she tried to make this painting a while ago, but it didn’t work so I made it for her. So here … Continue reading

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